Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 344 Christmas Series: The Seller

December 16, 2015
Day 344

Decorations for Christmas have not found their way into the main places of our home. I am not sure if they have retired,  just taking a sietsa, maybe dealing with insecurity, or perhaps simply not feeling up to it. There have been attempts to decorate but no clear follow through. Instead, there is a hustle and a bustle that moves us at a pace that satisfies. The decorations will have to wait. I love to sell and selling coffee is keeping me from decorating.

Our Gazebo looks better than our home, thanks to our dear friend, D'Lury Geiger. She had made it look festive. We are grateful for her touch.

All hands are on deck in our enchanted cottage industry as we sell coffee throughout the day. Yesterday, I opened the Gazebo and this means that at 6 am coffee, creamers, caramel and ice were fully stocked and ready to serve. The coffee adventure ensued. For the continuation of the day there was a stream of wonderful people buying gifts, purchasing cups of coffee, awesome coffee soap and our all time favorite Dr. Squatch soap.

The favored addictive beverage is the Ice Toddy. We sell a lot! Lynn's concoction is a sure winner. He says it will change your life. It does. We offer no support group for this except a celebration of their need to come in every day, even on the most frigid. The conversations are as varied as the unique individuals that come in and out of the place.  I stand behind the counter and love every minute of it.

I love this buisness and especially during the holidays. One Christmas as we were vendors at a beautiful event called "Christmas at Joanna" I had an epiphany. We were set up in a shed, it was freezing, I was bundled, our counter looked inviting. That weekend I conversed with many folks convincing them that the flavored Maple Walnut was exactly what they wanted. After handing out a fair amount of samples I converted many. Five years later it is all they want at Christmas at Joanna. I created a demand and I loved doing this. The epiphany in that cold but beautiful environment was; Though I am freezing my butt off,  I LOVE TO SELL and it is worth the freeze.  This epiphany brought my life and who I am into clear focus. I hate to buy.

I love the customers. I love our conversations. I love their satisfied comments. So, I love the coffee business and when there is time we will blitz on the decorations. This post is going to be used against me. When Lynn says, "Hey, can you cover the Gazebo?" He's going to remind me of this and not accept a lame, no.....

Have you been to the Gazebo???

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