Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day 351 Christmas Series: Christmas Feast

December 23, 2015
Day 351

Let no one define your Christmas. You are sad. So, be sad. They say, "Oh, but you must get a tree." No, you do not need one. You know what you need. If all of a sudden you need a tree, then, you will get a tree. You know your pain, they do not.

Sadness is not to run from, it will track you down, at the most unlikely moments. Feel it in the moment. Let the tears roll, freely. Pain is a privilege. A leprous sufferer will tell you that. It means you are human, you feel and this ultimately
keeps you from harm's way.

If you do not want to decorate, don't. You are in control. Take care of yourself first. Life is full of birth, death, smiles, tears, grief, happiness, all rolled up into one day. We must learn to "be." This means quelling the voices heard and roaming in our minds.

You are free to feel exactly how you are feeling.
You miss him, it is not the same and life will not be the same. Year two nails that in.

Moving on is hard, it feels like an abandonment. But it isn't. Moving on is the path. How it looks is completely up to you.

You do love life and this will aid the light in the tunnel. Especially since you know who Light is.


  1. Amen! Matthew 1:23 ""The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel" (which means "God with us") I'm certain that Immanuel, God with US, means WITH us in all situations, all our hopes and dreams, all our grief, all our failures, all our thoughts, ALL of us! Praying for all who mourn that they may be comforted!