Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 334 Christmas Series: Be Diverse, Please!

December 6, 2015
Day 334

That baby in a manger came not so that we could congregate around our similarities. Or so that we could learn how to become more alike in our style, our theology, our talk, our walk, our ways, or in our manners. He came so that we could fully be as diverse as He made us to be under one God, one Leader, one teacher. That baby in a manger scrambled the categories.

Diversity is scary. Diversity sometimes feels as if we are not in control. This is true - we are not in control. Though diversity is unsettling it is also a clean bill of health! When we are united under Jesus Christ  diversity naturally flows.

There is no need to strive for diversity, under Jesus Christ, it just comes. If you see a constipated christian striving for diversity, run the other way, there should be no straining in christianity. Just look at the Trinity, the three in one performing unique and diverse operations, but fully one.

That baby in a manager came to save and set us free from more than our sins. He came to set us free from our boring version of ourself. Would you please let go and be who you were created to be. The world needs you to be all that! The baby came for you to be free to be you.

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