Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 360 Thank you God For Women!

December 31, 2015
Day 360

Thank you to the women who have become dear prayer warriors this past year. Thank you to the dear woman who, at age 25, has taught me much as she braced head winds of opposition. I have learned how to love better because of you.  The story needs to be written for many to be encouraged.

Thank you IF:Gathering women for forging a path laid out by the Holy Spirit. You have bypassed others' views of how it should look for women in ministry and have instead obeyed the Holy Spirit's leading and guiding. As a result, you have breathed life into women's unheard voices. Thank you.

Thank you to my daughters who continue to show me much of life. You are brave women being exactly who you are meant to be. All three of you are different from one another and with your differences add to one another's lives. Neither of you care how things "look" and therein lies your strength!  I love the fullness and yet the interconnectedness of your relationships. You three navigate life well together. Thank you Sadie Lynne for joining this tribe of strong-willed women. You are welcome in this place.

Thank you to my two women friends from church. Your bravery at leaving an abusive church is ministry to my soul. Thank you for leaving religiosity and coming deeper and further into the relationship with Jesus. May you follow Him with a clear conscience. Thank you to the other church women friends whom I hug every Sunday. I love what life is going to look like in the year 2016 as we grow together in the Body.

Jesus, thank you for your Body expressed through women. May we follow you and throw away any preconceived notions that have nothing to do with you.Thank you for allowing us to be fully present and us in your Body.

This has been a very good year.
Thank you God for your many and varied blessings.