Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 163 Slice of Life

June 18, 2015
Day 163

Slice of life at the Burkholder Home..............

The morning started off right; coffee and Deborah in my backyard. We sat in my circular outdoor dining room beneath the gorgeous birch tree. Twenty some odd years ago, Cindy and Lanny gave this tree to us as a welcome gift to our new home. Deb and I drank coffee and caught up on each other's events.

Jesse and I went to see Fergie's little puppies. The little puppy on the left is who we want to bring home. The little girl blends right in with her mommy.

Yesterday was the quintessential day to pull weeds. They came out easily and the soft soil slipped off the roots. To me this is such a relaxing thing to do when the conditions
are such. Katie Schwartz came into the yard, plunked down, and gave me the low down of her recent events. To weed and listen to a real live person is pure summer fun.

Time runs fast in the garden and it surprised me when D'Lury walked into the yard. It is already one o'clock? Yes, it is past one o'clock. I dismissed ourselves into the house while Katie agreed to drive Nicole Suzanne to her friend's home. D'lury shared a prophetic word picture she was given about Lynn and I and our home. I am going to need to ask her again everything she said, I already forgot. The hope, the mercy and the grace that was expressed was what I clung to. D'Lury and I spoke about other things and then she left.

Katie S. came back and we hopped in the car as she agreed to go to WalMart with me for supper fixings. Upon arrival home I breaded the chicken (gluten free-Kathryn!) fried it in butter on the stove in my iron skillets and then popped it into the oven along with yummy french fries. We boiled some asparagus to have as well. Quite the combo. I then headed back to the garden.

While in the garden, Kimberly came for our weekly discipleship bible study. We disciple each other and we love being together. She was still in her working clothes but she wanted to be put to work so she weeded. I had weeded enough room to plop in the assortment of plants Laura E. had given to me; tomato, peppers, basil, cilantro, parsley, blue flowers, cosmos, and marigold.   Kimberly and I spoke of deep things while we worked in the soil. It was fitting.

We then went inside to pull the dinner together. We filled our plates and walked to the backyard dining room. Sitting down all together is a challenge, it always has been. But eventually we were all around the table in the backyard.

A friend of Kathryn's showed up, Louis. She introduced us to him. He handled the introductions with finesse. Kathryn and Chris then went into the studio where Kathryn videoed Chris's weekly cover - Mirrors by Justin Timberlake. We all filed into the studio after bringing the dirty dishes to the kitchen and were the audience.

Pure fun to listen to Chris perform, it always brings me to another zone. Louis agreed to dance to Kimberly's drumming. A drum set sits in the studio for the summer months. His dancing was beyond perfection! Just amazing. We then begged Kimberly to sing her song she wrote, "Testimony." Jesse played the drums while Chris played the guitar. Inspiring.

Louis danced at least two more times for us. Kimberly then gave a poetry recitation of one of her own poems. Nicky did interpretive dancing alongside. After her interpretation, Nicky Sue was a bit embarrassed as she realized this poem was deeper than her interpretation. But she was pretty darn close. Quick Nicky Sue!

While we were in the studio Jack, Ben and Dawson showed up. They were going to play video games when Geoff returned but in the meantime they were getting things set up before his arrival. Kimberly needed to go home to bed and after hugs all around she left for the night. Louis had left before her.

What a wonderful day and evening June 17 was! The afternoon is no indicator of what the night will hold. I love this!

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