Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 175 Wealthy Burkholders

June 30, 2015
Day 175

I opened the floodgates
Tear rivers flowed
Tears of deep sadness
and turbulent woes

Tears of so wishing
for things I have not
To give to my children
to keep them from want

I know what's important
I know what will burn
but I so want my children
to have their own turn

He whispers my name
He has me to look
at all of the hurt
in his loving book

The faces look up
as I turn the page
the shunned, the tormented
the sexually shamed

They all have their names
He knows them each one
Not one of them would he
ever call "bum"

He whispers again
and asks me to look
again at my children
in his loving book

Their smiles, their contentment
at what life has given
their joys their excitement
their knowledge of heaven

All six of them given
more than their share
Snuggles till midnight
so they would care

Care for the hurting
Care for the lost
Care for the hungry
on account of the cross

Summer homes and vacations
never more than enough
Their wealth is their Savior
His love is their "stuff"