Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 149 In a Blink

June 4, 2015
Day 149

Another ferry capsized and over four hundred individuals were in a body of water facing death and experiencing the worse kind of fear, fear of the unknown. What were their thoughts when they realized the trouble they were in? How many knew how to swim? Who was on a ferry for the first time because someone convinced them they were going to be fine? Who was going to see their husband after months of being apart? Whose girlfriend was on the ferry and he was going to propose to her that night? Which elderly person knew what to do yet was riddled with pain so could not be of any help? What ferry worker that morning had a sense that something ominous was going to happen? Who was on the ferry going to the first day of their new job? Whose parent was coming home on the ferry?

The death toll is rising. I heard somewhere that there were many elderly on this ferry as sightseers. It is all so very tragic. We never know in this life. One minute we are fine and the very next moment it could all head south. Do we trust God's sovereignty? A little boy like my Jesse might have been gazing over the side of the ferry similar to what Jesse is doing in this picture?  Why him and not Jesse?


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