Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 159 Soul Mirror

June 12, 2015
Day 159

Just as I open my mouth ready to give You, yes You, some unsolicited advice,
(I know it's rude but sometimes I am really rude), God sends me back to my room,
shuts the door, and says, "Girl! Ya gotta look in the mirror. Go! Now!"

"But God, I might become vain. You keep having me look in the mirror."

"Oh, you have nothing to worry about, friend. You know we're talking the Soul Mirror.  C'mon, you need to have a look, Lynne."

"Ewww, gross! This looks awful! God, how did those things get there? They are disgusting. So huge!"

With precision this Soul Mirror slices through the flesh and x-rays right into my soul.

"Lynne, you need to come to this mirror with more frequency. Once you see something, recognize it for what it is, all you have to do is ask Me to forgive, or to help, or to heal - I'm on it! Pronto!"

This Soul Mirror slices and dices,
shows me my motivation,
reflects my cravings, and
reveals my fears.
But most importantly this Soul Mirror calls me to repent.

Only Jesus knows how to reveal disgusting things in me while loving me fully, beckoning me to come to Him. He is so lovely, so very lovely. The disconnect between his loveliness and my lack of is miles high. And this is the gospel!

What was I going to tell you??????

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