Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 166 He is the Father

June 21, 2015
Day 166

He knows before I cry exactly what I am going to cry about. He knows what I am going to say before I say it. He knows every single one of the horrible thoughts I have even before I think them.
He sees what I am going to do before I do it. He is the only one who sees it all, He sees everything.

He has seen every moment of my life. Every moment that I was sad, He knew. Every moment that I was happy, He was there. He knew where the moment was going and He did not leave me alone.

Not only was He there, He was waiting to be asked for all the help I needed. Every time I asked, He answered.  He answered differently many times and He did not always answer the way I wanted him to but He answered.

He was there. He was there when I remembered Him. He was there when I forgot Him. He was there when I didn't mention Him. He was there when I did mention Him.

He knows exactly what I need. He sees exactly what I need. He knows how every single need of mine is to be met. He hears me. He  understands me completely. He understands the exact meaning of everything I say even when it is cryptic to everyone else. He knows exactly what is needed for me to hear.

This Father will never leave me. This Father will never forsake me. This Father has known every sin I was about to commit. He knew about every sin before I committed it. When He died on the cross He witnessed every sin I would commit and He still died. This Father offers me grace and mercy, peace and love.

This Father provides for me all the time. If it were not for this Father, I would not be living because He provides every breath I take! You would think with all that He does for me, He would demand my love. He does not demand. He shows me His love.

I have the privilege of being Bobbie Treichler's daughter. He has modeled the Father's Love well. Thank you Dad for showing me many of my heavenly Father's loving attibutes. May my children look back with fondness on their Father.

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