Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 172 Supreme Court Ruling

June 27, 2015
Day 172

My dearest Theo,

I can not stop thinking about you in light of the Supreme Court's ruling, yesterday, Friday, June 26, 2015. Life as Grammy and Grampa know it, changed. But for you, Theo, it will be life as you know it. The Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court, changed the law on the definition of marriage. Gay marriages are now legal in all fifty states. Some of our friends are ecstatic and some are afraid. But, Theo, you must remember that with love there is no fear. Theo, my dear grandson, you now live in a very different world from your Grampy and Grammy. However, this is what I know to be constant in this ever changing world, Love! Love can lead you.

Theo, we believe you were created by one man to love men (mankind) from every nation with the energizing love of this man. This love brings freedom to all relationships. This is our world view and it is based on our adherence to what we believe is the inerrant word of God. However, you will never, ever, be forced to believe how we believe. The man, Jesus Christ, whom we follow, is not a coercer and never encourages it. We are not called to be coercers either but bearers of love. There are many who follow Jesus and believe differently than we do and we love them just the same. For His love is not based on similarities but rather on His precious life.

This is what did not change. The Supreme Court will never be able to change the fact that a sperm from a male and an egg from a female is used to create life. This is beyond comprehension, the start of a human, as so much of life is, Theo. Maybe you will have an opportunity to multiply and if you are part of bringing life to planet earth it will be a result of the coming together of a sperm and an egg. No court of law will or can change this fact.

Theo, my dear grandson, my hope is that you will live the truth in love and with love, walk out the truth in love and with love and love the truth in love and with love. Love is your guide. Do not let different beliefs, different principles, different ways of expressing your faith, keep you from love. In fact let that be your fuel. What do you see Jesus doing? Do this.

Remember, that your family is part of an Invisible Kingdom. This kingdom was formed by a dying man who had the gift of life. The day He died, all was lost, the gift was nowhere to be found, no hope, no security, no plan, and no future. His death defined black hole. He walked silently to his death. Life ended the day He died. All was lost.

However, what seemed to be the end was the beginning. Never forget that "what you see is not always what is and what is, is not always what you see." Hope sprang forth from hard, solid concrete. It sliced through darkness that did not understand it. The Light walked right in the middle of sin. Jesus showed up and made food for his friends, the very ones who deserted Him in death. Love broke through and destroyed sin. He forgives sin.

This invisible kingdom is evident by our love for one another. We express this kingdom through acts of love, mercy and grace. Those in the kingdom are taught and encouraged to love profoundly and sometimes it looks offensive. We love because He first loved us. We do not base our love on our perfect alignment of our actions, our behaviors, our morals or our persuasions. We base our love on His perfect love.

Theo, my desire is for you to know Love personally and to let Him, true love and not fear, lead you.