Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 168 Night Well Spent

June 23, 2015
Day 168

Sunday night was not meant for sleeping. At one thirty in the morning I awoke and wandered downstairs only to find Geoffrey sacked out on the love sack, so maddening. He should be in bed! That young man's sleep pattern has been out of whack since day one. He and Kathryn, stuck in the middle of the family, just never seemed to get the purpose of sleeping. I was one to talk that morning, I was not sure what the purpose was either. My frustration was unfounded. Little did I know how much Geoff and I were going to accomplish and how important it was for me to be awake.

He willingly let me tug and shlupp him out of the sack. However, he stopped at the dining room table to ask if the computer screen had changed. My Macbook pro was methodically circling and it was looming ominous. Geoff, is a brilliant man, and right then and there, he initiated diagnostic procedures.

He decided to swap out the hard drive for a newer one which was coming from his Macbook Pro. There began the dismantling and the intrigue. I began to inspect the parts while holding a RAM, a motherboard, a dismembered keyboard and other pieces of the inner workings from his computer. It should be tiny little brilliant men and women sitting at desks looking up surprised when we unscrew a computer and dismantle it. But instead we find hardware; tiny raised circles, bigger circles, rectangular shapes and small squares. These common geometric figures make up the maze, the wonder, and the magic!

So much of life is overwhelming when you try to think about what is really going on. How? Why? Where? When? Who? WHAT? Road work construction sites make my brain go flukey. To think of all the machinery coming together in an organized manner with smooth roads, tall bridges, or major interstates as finished products is beyond thinkable matter. The computer is just as unthinkable, it thrusts me into a confused state. The questions grow like weeds as I contemplate the different components; the motherboard, the RAM, the keyboard, and the hard drive.

In my mind I was explaining to the Apple computer guy, "Well, he told me he knew what he was doing. I should not have listened." But instead my confidence in Geoffrey rammed through the doubt. I found myself holding in my hand the hard drive that Geoffrey extracted from my computer. It is minuscule compared to the massive output it is capable of producing. This is mind blowing. This piece that fits into the palm of my hand stores my projects, my articles, my downloads, my pictures. I can push a button for all of it to appear on paper. How and what are we to think about this?

I stare at brilliance. I am a cheerleader of knowledge. I might not be on the field creating passes and plays with the heady stuff but I certainly jump and shout with enthusiasm. I marvel at the computer parts strewn on my dining room table, this is Tower of Babel material. Humans have always been able to create extraordinary things out of common ordinary materials. And my son Geoffrey, early Monday morning, provided me with a seemingly brand new computer. I am really glad I woke up at 1:30 am and likewise I am really glad Geoffrey had not made it to bed. It all computes.

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