Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 150 Short and Sweet

June 5, 2015
Day 150

Short and sweet and to the point is a phrase my children have heard me say over and over for many things but primarily I use this phrase for trips. This morning at 4:30 am, Nicole, Abby, and Jesse sluggishly plopped into their seats and off we headed for Rhode Island.  The purpose for the trip is to be at my niece's graduation party. We will return either late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Though it seems brief, this time period packs a whallop! I am confident this will be no exception.

We avoided heavy rush hour traffic around NYC but still had enough cars on the road to make us feel snuggly close. As we were approaching the George Washington Bridge, substantial trucks, pretending to be sports cars, crossed lanes just inches before us. It made me chuckle, "Go ahead big boys, don't let me hold you back."

This type of driving is comforting and thrilling to me all at the same time. It has much to do with where I learned to drive. At age fifteen I had my permit. At age sixteen I was driving into Boston, solo. You have to be assertive in these parts, it is rampant. Pulling out into traffic is a commitment you hold onto without hesitation, for pete's sake. Don't even get me started!

It  seemed incredible that we arrived at 9 am at Misquamicut Beach in Westerly, RI .  Immediately Jesse was engaged in the water, similar to what I would have done at that age. Nicole was tanning but Abby was right in there with Jesse.
I sat and drank the view, stored it away for a rainy day.
The Rhode Island beaches are unadulterated. They are what they are. They add no commercialism to the beach. You will not be purchasing your meal, your fun toys or a quick sweatshirt. If you did not bring will just have to wait. They are monuments to preparedness.

Life in the fast lane is the only way to wheel. We will be pulling out soon but in the meantime we are opportunists in fifth gear.

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