Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 160 More Than Enough

June 15, 2015
Day 160

Lynn and I have had a hand to mouth existence. Had I been employed since 1986, the year of our marriage, this simply would not be so. A christian financial advisor back in the day, 1990-ish, was shocked our household had only one income. Uh, this shocked me! A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N??? questioning my call to be a stay at home mommy? Has he read his B-I-B-L-E????!!! A lot has changed since then, oh, a lot. I cheer on that woman who works, I honestly do. She is capable and more than. And no, she is not trying to win any awards, she is simply doing what she knows she needs to do. She is far more organized than I ever was! In retrospect, I should have been employed with something. I was probably too lazy. But here we are now.

Self-employment is the only thing Lynn and I know how to do stress free. We are that entrepreneur breed. We bungi jump off cliffs, day in and day out. Mt. Everest calls to us who would rather live on the cliff's edge in need of rescue than live beyond the edge as rescuers. Literally, we just want to shoot ourselves when we think of a 9 to 5 job. It spells B-O-R-E-D-O-M. We are perfectly paired, though I do wish I could have given the man more accounting help. He wanted me to be the bookkeeper early on in our marriage but I knew (and my family) that he really needed more time with me to discover the error of this thought. His desires/expectations would change. And change they did. The garden of Eden has angels to keep people out, I'll just leave it at that.

Lynn and I both know the feeling of money coming in, large chunks, good feeling. It is intoxicating. The sky looks bluer, the options dress up, the air smells cleaner and you just love people a little better. Your insides just scream, YES!

We also recognize almost thirty years later the illusion this is. Money is powerful based on the owner, the user's perspective, motivation and need. Money doesn't clean you up upon arrival. It has no power unless you give it power. The Old Testament is a great place to go to understand how to handle money. No one is asking us to give financial seminars or even to lead a financial small group. We have so much to learn.

This morning, driving down a beautiful PA road, the words - MORE THAN ENOUGH, BEYOND BEYOND, walked into my mind and stood. They were there to lead my heart to the spiritual place that soars beyond financial restrictions defying gravity. This place gets perilously close to looking presumptuous. My pride, oh my pride can hardly handle it. I want it to look like WE are providing, making smart and business savy moves! But God bids me to come to the large place, the undeserved place.  He asks me to ask Him for wisdom. But, God, I have asked for the same piece of wisdom regarding the same situation. Honestly, you will give me more wisdom?

Yes, He says to me everytime. And He does it without condemnation. There is never a response similar to what we hear people say, "You should have known better. I gave you that advice last month. Why do you keep doing the same stupid thing." This seems too good to be true. But God's wisdom goes like this, it is too good and it is too true. Pulling yourself up by your bookstraps just gives you a big ole wedgy.

Today He asks me to live beyond my wildest imagination. He tells me that He is More than enough. He reaffirms to me that He is the provider of all providers. The forty million dollar endowment to Harvard, c'mon Lynne, honestly, if the world can do these kinds of things, what do you think I can do.

But God we have not done it right. The words do not leave. You got that right!
Lynn and I need a financial miracle. We need BEYOND BEYOND. We are banking on the fact that Jesus is MORE THAN ENOUGH. The bank is not banking on this fact but a fact that speaks of not more than enough. This faith is placed in the stream of goodness, the fresh clear and living water. Let me here you say an Amen!


  1. You were employed with raising six kids, and homeschooling, and much more. You are definitely NOT lazy!

    1. Appreciate your words......I deem myself an active lazy type. I do love to sit. Thank you kind friend!