Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 155 Congratulations Fergie

June 10, 2015
Day 155

Our dog Fergie is a gift straight from heaven. We picked him up at Stevenson's Veterinary Clinic in Honey Brook in 2011. He had been left behind, no one wanted him because he was brindle; a mixture of two colors. The breeder brought him to his veterinarian, the veterinarian sons knew Geoff. The boys also knew that Geoff was desperate for a dog. A connection was made and we became Fergie's owners.

This guy has been a great watchdog, though he kinda drives us nuts when he is in his alert mode. But all in all, he is playful, kind, loving and an all around good puppy. Shortly after we had him home I knew I wanted Fergie to pass on his good genes. I wanted puppies from his line.  So I was always on the lookout for a potential one night stand. 

One day I stopped by a breeder I knew named Cynthia Detweiler. She had a number of dogs that she had bred and I had met one of her Cavapoo's at the park. The new owner of this particular Cavapoo loved their puppy from Cynthia. Oh, my, that dog was adorable and so good.  So, I stopped by to let Cynthia know I had a Bichon Toy Poodle. I told her he would be a great stud. Months later she called.

The first go at Studness was not so good. Fergie was clueless. But Cynthia was persistent and invited Fergie over months later for another "play date." This time it worked. Marcy gave birth last night to a girl and a boy puppy. We have the pick of the litter. The little boy, nursing under Marcy's back leg, is the one we want, the runt, the underdog.

Yes, this is probably not a keen idea, getting another puppy. And this just continues to prove that we are not the brightest. Oh, well, so it is. I just know that owning Fergie has been wonderful and I would love for Fergie puppies to bless families all over. I am a little hopeful in light of the fact that Marcy had only two.  But hey, a girl can dream.

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