Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 154 Glory Robbers

June 9, 2015
Day 154

The ten commandments and I, we've been pretty tight. I would say we have had a great relationship, dating back to, oh, 1962-ish, at least on the surface. I am not in jail, I have not knocked someone out in an all out girl-fight (think Dog fight, it's worse!), I have stolen no husbands, I have not robbed my neighbors house, and on and on the good list goes.

I lie. I lie big time. I have committed heinous crimes, in fact every stinking single one of the Ten Commandments I have trespassed. Don't let me convince you otherwise, cause I will. I will try. I am prone to wander.

Yes, it came as a shock to me as well. In fact the kind of stuff that keeps being revealed to me is so wretched I really do not want to talk about it. And if I do not have to, I don't.  I have just kept at my crimes with a persistency similar to Chinese water torture. Pathetic.

In fact, I commit crimes like I am involved in a covert operation.  I have kept it from most of you, some of you have been aware, but most of you are not. With one look I can take you down, with one glance I can go places I should not be. I can drool over your possessions but make you think they mean nothing to me.

The most troubling crime is that I am a glory robber. Every time I redirect references that should go straight to the Source of all Sources I am stealing glory that was never intended for me. This crime dwarfs the heinous ones.

The image that has been emblazoned on my heart, this past month, is of the entire human race, billions upon billions of humans, prostrate, kneeling in front of their maker, worshipping their maker. Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and this is the DAY of all days. This is the moment of all moments. The river of life flows into this moment. All rivers flow into the ocean, well all minutes that anyone ever spent flow into this MOMENT.

All those who never worshipped Him will be addicted to worship right then and there. They will find themselves undone. What in the world is God going to do with them? It will clearly be His problem. All of us who have worshipped Him will be amazed at the difference this Worship holds! At this moment we now see Him. At this moment we now understand more of Him. His love overwhelms us, we can't get up. Why did He Love Me???? We will be overwhelmed with His love for us. He is so amazing!

It will be one big repentance fest for all of humanity. We, believers, will be repenting for the minutes misused, for the opportunities lost, for the sins revealed by His intense x-ray light. The non believers will be repenting for their disbelief and it will be hard for them to imagine why they chose not to worship him before.

We will ask Him, "How can you still want us?" His unmerited love for us will be so obvious. The term unmerited will make complete sense to us individually. We can not even pull up our heads to look at those prostrate next to us. The leveling ground is understood right here at this moment.

But for us believers the most disgusting thing will be all the glory we robbed from Him. It will sit like vomit in our mouths. We will think of the time when we allowed someone to reference us in their healing rather than speak of God's healing power. We will be mortified by the time we just had to mention our involvement rather than directing them to how God worked. We will be embarrassed by the times we couldn't let it go and we had to say how much we did for so and so. Oh, the repentance. We will be ashamed of all the glory we robbed from our suffering Savior! And likewise amazed at His acceptance of us because of Christ's sacrifice. Oh, the joy in our hearts. How can it be?

Let this image of THE DAY direct me, today, in all my ways. To God be the glory great things He has done! He has done. Let Him have it, all the glory!

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  1. Entitlement, glory stealing, envy...oh the truth of how ugly.