Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 171 On The Road Again

June 26, 2015
Day 171

This morning at 4:30 am I was on the road again. However, this time it was with Kathryn. She is a videographer, among the other creative things she knows how to do, and she has a wedding near Boston, I am her ride. The first bridge, spans across the Delaware River and lands us in New Jersey. The basics of geometry found in the architecture of bridges in general intrigues me. Traveling to Rhode Island means traveling over a series of bridges.

"Full on" shots of the sun pull me in. Why do the rays point to where they point? How many rays are there? The answers to these questions would fascinate me.

Haikyo is a term used to describe the Japanese's fascination with old abandoned industrial sites. I, however, am enamored with the working monstrosities. They are huge, impressive, and beyond my comprehension.

The combination of the sun, the clouds and a bridge is enough to give this girl a jolt! Too much at one time and I am enthralled.

Road trips need to be my gig! I got my "to go" cup and with coffee and gas I can go anywhere. We are now heading onto the George Washington Bridge. For about twenty-six years we have avoided the GWB due to safety concerns. However, with the latest construction of the George Washington Bridge, you do not see stripped abandoned cars along the emergency lane like you did in years past. It seems a little safer, besides which, the Tapanazee Bridge really needs an update.

We headed off of Interstate 95 and onto Rt. 138 near Kingston Rhode Island. Rt. 138 brings back many memories from when I attended the University of Rhode Island. Kathryn relived some of them with me, poor girl. Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to have breakfast with the Vacarros, people who were influential in my life during that time. I so look forward to this. From Kingston we headed to Newport traveling over this nice beauty called the Claiborne Pell bridge.

Newport Rhode Island is enchanted and this was a perfect Friday morning. I so want to let you smell the air. How can it be bottled? Lynn Burkholder, please figure out a way. We wandered around and after obtaining lunch at Panera we drove along the Ocean Drive stopping to eat our salads. I had the Mediterranean and Kathryn the Asian. She purchased a strawberry smoothie for the both of us. Yeah, right, two gulps for me and the rest for her! Stingy!

We wandered down a dock. Kathryn looks like she belongs here. Where doesn't she belong?!

This is the Mount Hope Bridge and the amount of times I have traveled over this bridge is a wonderful number of times. A daredevil named, Steve Trotter, at age 18, climbed down a hundred foot cable from the center of the bridge. Though he was looking to be discovered and become a stunt man he was always discovered by the police. This same guy also went over Niagara Falls twice in a barrel. I had heard that the powers at be in Hollywood were not too impressed with his recklessness. I might be wrong but I do not think Steve Trotter is a stuntman today. Maybe he is.

Just look at those windows. Such beauty in a small town called Warren RI. I am now simply a few miles from my parents at this point.

My mother could not wait to show me her babies. I felt like Ginnie Lodge without the wildlife photographer finesse!

What a wonderful day. I will eek everything out of tomorrow and leave early Sunday morning.

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