Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 158 Spiritually Large, Physically Small

June 13, 2015
Day 158

Today, how am I to physically live in light of the spiritual reality that, truly, I am an alien on this planet? The physical culture I find myself in has nothing to do with the spiritual culture I have chosen to obey. My values or goals are not in line and my physical location has nothing to do with my spiritual location. Though, my spiritual location has everything to do with my physical location. It might seem that I am in line with this culture as I have a degree, a home, a family, a car and a regular routine, l love facebook and I instagram religiously. But slice through all of that and you will discover a spiritual relationship that navigates me and views all of that very, very differently.

The spiritual life I live is the real deal, the true reality. In a game of Rook we would say my spiritual life trumps my physical one. The goal of a given day is not to advance my ways, my thoughts, my ideas and my plans. The spiritual goal is to grow closer to the one with whom I am in a relationship. If you could hear from within my physical body, the inner spiritual talking, the constant chatter, you would deem me a crazy lady. I listen to a Spirit not from this world. My ship is steered by a different rudder.

Our home is to serve not to impress. Trust me it doesn't. Renovations are needed, necessary and good. As soon as we can, they will be forthcoming.  People walk in and sense something, and many can not put their finger on it. It always amazes me how they fall in love with this place, this place in need of finishing touches - emphasis on FINISH. They search for physical reasons; " just love the floor, " "this reminds me of the old home I grew up in." But many do not understand that they are actually connecting with something beyond the physical.

My home does get me down, I do want it to be finished and my friends tell me over and over again, "Lynne, they are not coming for your home." Ah, yeah, and about that, I would like, just once, if they did. The physical reality pales in light of the spiritual reality. This home is run by an understanding that the family unit is important, relationships are top priority. You want to sit and snuggle? You want to keep me up way into the night because this is the only good time for you to finally share? Ok, we will lose sleep because of that and I would rather sit and snuggle than paint and struggle. I am actually not a multi-tasker at heart and some of my dear friends in the same spiritual community I am part of are able to live out the spiritual culture while maintaing their physical home. I, unfortunately, am not real good at that. The Kingdom I belong to offers me comfort with this lack of management.

My stuff is your stuff. All of these spiritual twists on physical things are taxing and sometimes downright frustrating but my spiritual bent allows me to view life and situations with an entirely different perspective. Budget for food? Do you realize how frustrating that would be? We live in a highly accessible location, it is easy for you to drop by and visit. And visit you must and eat you will. You will not find me disgusted by the extra pieces of food you just ate. God is the supplier and when resources get low it just might mean- He's closing up shop! And I know that is simply not true.

My relationships are not my tools for advancement. Rather, my relationships are to grow me into a more loving person. They are to bring me to a deeper understanding of friendship. The spiritual realm I am part of prioritizes healing. In light of that I view all of my relationships with an eye on wholeness. Therefore, I am to monitor my actions. My words must be checked before they exit. Is this joke for my benefit or will it throw my friend into a quagmire? Are these words redemptive or destructive?

I spend intentional time with my friends. If need be, I will reschedule busy days when one is in need. I stop what I am doing when one visits and I visit with them. My nonverbal cues welcome them. My desire is for them to be whole and spiritually directed and so my conversations are fueled in light of this. My encouragement to them has more to do with their wholeness than my ever constant needs and a desire to manipulate. Though, I am so needy, my spiritual world reminds me I am not in want. My relationship with my Maker fulfills the deep need for constant connection therefore I do not need to tax anyone beyond normal boundaries.

These are just a few of the differences between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world. I am a physical gal living large in a spiritual way. The differences are distanced by an eternity. My home, my stuff, my relationships, are physical realities that I am now allowed to view with an entirely different perspective, a free perspective. I might not look different on the outside but the inside is motivated by spiritual principles and an understanding that soars beyond any physical limitation. God did a wonderful thing one day. He sacrificed it all allowing me to live spiritually large in a physically small space.

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