Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 165 The Honeymoon

June 20, 2015
Day 165

Marriage has been a lovely journey with a traveling partner I would choose every single time, my dear, dear husband, Lynn.  Our honeymoon stamped the look and feel of almost thirty years of existence with one another. We drove to the New England states with no reservations and no destination except knowing we really wanted to make it to Monhegan Island.  We learned during our road trip that traveling in this way suited us perfectly. Looking back, our time together during that undefined honeymoon road trip cast a lovely hue for what our married life would look like.

"No vacancy, no vacancy, no Vacancy, no vacancy." We created this song as we were trying to find a place to stay with thoughts pulling us back to wonder if maybe we should have considered some planning. Naw, we were singing Opera-tic style, enjoying our little tune, laughing at the thought of sleeping in the car. The next thing we know we are in an enchanted Bed n' Breakfast. This was the beginning of learning to know that we both are "edge livers" and we both enjoy impromptu Opera that flows with the current situation.  He is a silly man. I love that he is sillier with his family than the public.

We have always been very blunt with one another defusing so many situations, perceptions, brewing irritations that, unless dealt with head on they, begin to take on monstrous lives. This trip was no exception. We were now partners who previously had not needed to conference about every stinking decision until now. The amount of talking we did was olympic.

We covered ninety percent of the issues. At one point Nathan, Lynn's cousin, and he, traveled up the coast of New England and landed in Port Clyde, ME. There is a black and white photo of them sitting in the dining area of an ocean weathered inn tucked in the idyllic fishing village. "Lynn, did you have a better time with Nathan when you were here?" This was such a female question to ask only allowing one correct answer. He has never been a sucker for this trap. His answer was honest. He knows, though I kinda want to be lied to, I crave honesty! And if I am going to ask a stupid question, he is always going to "go there." It was an entirely different trip with a different agenda.

The dinner at Pemaquid point, the driving along Maine's coast, the silly talks, and the loveliness of being with a very kind and sensitive man are memories from this time with images that enhance with distance. It was only yesterday.

But it is was our time on Monhegan Island that Empires State Building tall pushing past the others. The Ferry ride through soupy fog, crashing over waves that splashed us soaking wet, making us laugh, the seals on rocks, this was full and overflowing with images that a stock photographer would crave. They have kept me company many a day.

We docked and went to the Inn. The Lobster bisque slurped in wet clothes filled us warmly with a taste that lives on to this day. Nowhere have we found anything that rivals this bisque. Nowhere. We wandered around this island, home to many artists, Jamie Wyeth being one of them. We went to an art gallery shocked to find a signed Jamie Wyeth print for only seventy-five dollars. Supply and demand set the price on the island. He did not take cards but allowed us to take it home and send him a check. There began a fun relationship with this gallery and that could fill an entire blogpost.

Today I attend a wedding. They are not my favorite, weddings that is, for I shudder knowing how the enemy will try to rip them apart. This couple is already a tool in the Hands of the Loving Lord. That is their protection and I earnestly pray that they are vigilant. We will soon be finishing our 29th year of marriage. It is with the same man and six kids looking like a blended family. Only God's grace and His view on life has kept our ship afloat. If I had to dock it would be at Monehagan Island off the coast of Maine and all I would want with me is Lynn Burkholder from Red Lake, Canada!

(picture we purchased by Jamie Wyeth)

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