Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 14: January 14, 2016 Twin Valley Coffee Cottage Part 2

January 14, 2016 Twin Valley Coffee Cottage Part 2
Day 14

Regularity bores Lynn and I. It makes us twitch. Nine to five, no can do. Our imagination dries up, real quick. Doing the same job everyday, oh boy. Switching things up, however, is what we love to do best. Fortunately for each other we are both wired the same way. Unfortunately for each other we are both wired the same way.

The coffee business is finally turning over a profitable leaf but not without some wise men and women providing us wise counsel. Like I tell customers all the time, we are just not the sharpest knives in the drawer, we need outside forces! There are two men, in particular, even with their ridiculously busy lives, who take the time to help direct us, the nonbusiness majors. We have a bit of a stretch ahead of us but we are motivated and excited.

The Coffee Gazebo is something undefinable, almost hard to for us to comprehend. Lynn and I shake our heads often repeating, "what is going on in this place?" The conversations, the stories, the connections, the broadened horizons, the new friends, it all happens under the dome.

Rob Hamm gave us some key components for this sweet spot. He worked for a local company that made them, and he kept this one in storage. Little did he know he would someday give it to us. We are forever grateful. These serendipitous events, receiving a gazebo, are evidence of someone smiling in our direction.

There is so much to say but so little bandwidth to work with. Good night for now and we will continue the dip into Twin Valley Coffee.


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  1. It is undefinable except that a mighty light shines out in Morgantown in a little house that is a beacon for fellowship and hope.