Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 21: January 21, 2016 My Day

January 21, 2016 
Day 21 My Day

I consider myself one lucky gal. Wider School is a place of joy. Students are encouraged to think critically, to wonder, to ponder, and to not settle. This is not always easy when "school" has been structured in a certain way that when you swim upstream, you feel too different. This is not always easy when you want concrete results. Those students and parents who are with us at Wider are committed to not only the growth of their individual students but to the growth and development of the Wider endeavor. This has not been for everyone but for those we journey with we are ever grateful. We appreciate their commitment to the growth of the school.

Studying Latin is for some a useless endeavor but this "dead" language has so much to offer. The root words help a student to decode a new word they might stumble upon. The derivatives are numerous. The logic behind this language is so impressive and makes it easy to translate sooner than later. These students, seen below, are taking their latin test.

This year we asked Mary Burke to come and teach high school art. What a great idea that was. And I'm not sure how we decided what led us to do art but then again what happens at Wider is largely in part due to a "leading". The students pictured below are working on drawing a figure which is standing in the middle of their table. Mary is an exceptional teacher!

Primrose, our puppy, simply loves our human puppy, Sadie Lynne. A dog's got to sniff, what a dogs got to sniff. And Sadie has some really yummy smells going on.

Having Sadie present with us during class is distractingly wonderful.

The students created a brochure for their particular biome in Science Class. We are involved with creating a zoo that has unlimited funds. We will soon begin the process of model making. This project has some of these students ready to make a pact that when they are finished with college they want to reunite and "do this thing." On February 25th, we will be skyeping with Jodi Carrigan from ZooAtlanta who rehabilitated Ivan the gorilla featured in"The One and Only Ivan." We are pumped to be able to discuss all things Zoo with her. We are working on submitting some proposals to an actual zoo of the ideas we have created. I love this.

The students were to make brochures of their biome. We have decided to have three operational Biomes within our zoo. This is Reagan Sphar's forte, she created the following brochure.

The day was wonderful to be with these students of all ages. Nicole wanted to end the day at Barnes and Noble. And yes, I found everything I needed! Life is full and overflowing.

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