Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25: January 25 - Cracking the Jar

January 25, 2016
Day 25  Cracking the Jar

Karalee and Jeff's sweet pea and Robyn and RJ's little man
Coming out of religiosity seems to be the theme with whom I find myself traveling. The whitewashed jar we are trapped inside is being broken. The discussions, the healing, and the moving toward the loving Father is breathtaking. There are no words for the reformation within our heart. Except praise and worship. The Holy Spirit is speaking and moving us out of religious comfort zones.

Religiosity is much about comfort, a cozy and familiar feel, a long standing arrangement. Following is about adventuring into unknown lands, uncharted territory, yet with a known Leader. Stepping through the shards of this clay jar, never fit for a human to live, is painful. We are shedding the lingo, the thought patterns, the judgments, and the look. Actually, hurling shards like an olympic discus throw is what we are doing. The "should" is replaced by simple conversations more interested in learning to know one another than to impress. Trapped in the jar? No. Instead, we find ourselves trapped in the Trinity.

The air inside the jar is stagnant and so the religious breath shallow, they love stale air. Religiosity is all about nostalgia, the way it use to be. There is a drive to "return to" the olden days. But the Leader, whom we follow, calls us on to new places.  Those of us coming out are in search of fresh air, differences of opinion, His thoughts and His ways. Is He not infinite, should not His thoughts be similar in scope?

The religious patronizingly place their hand on our arms and with that pseudo, lovingly glare, say, "Oh, now, you know that is so far off theologically." The streaming of information from the Father through the Spirit does not stop, never ending. The religious, however, are uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit's activity. And asking for Jesus to come into the room, well, that is taking it one step too far. Those of us following, we love far! Take us. We want more, and more, and more, and more......

Inside the jar is, quite frankly, inside the jar. No one has to really see what is going on. They are looking at the whitewash. We do not have to tell anyone. The religious keep tight lips. The followers come to Jesus like a child in all ways, especially with their need to express. Need I say more?

The meadow of grace is offensive to the religious, scary, even. They don't like to talk about it. The followers frolic, simply frolic in this expansive place of freedom.

To be a follower requires an excellent Leader to move about in this meadow.  Followers focus on the Leader, always. The religious have copious amounts of self-help christianeze books on how to lead. Followers reflect on where they were led. And when waiting to be led, guess what they are doing? Eating! Really good food! Food that nourishes more than mere bread. Beyond Wonder!

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