Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 26: January 26, 2016 Courageous Among Us

January 26, 2016
Day 26 Courageous Among Us

There are men and women in our midst making brave and courageous decisions. They walk tall. Their decisions have not been popular and are unable to be discussed. The exposure could bring serious harm beyond repair. They walk gently but knowingly while their knowledge makes them very, very sad. They never once imagined this, their hopes were high for continued relationships but instead the tide turned.

To the brave individuals in my life, thank you for the example you have set. Your decision was born out of a knowing that you were doing the right thing even though conventionally it seemed odd or wrong. Many see your decision as irresponsible, not grounded. But they are not privy to why you did what you did. But I know and I am proud. Everyone grows old but not everyone grows more wise or more sensitive.                                                                                                                  

Following truth is always on a narrow and empty path. And you, my friend, took the road less traveled.  Do not grow tired of traveling alone while doing good, it will go well with your soul. You are brave and courageous and that is exactly what you were called to be.

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