Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 56 Daughter and Colleague

March 2, 2015
Day 56

Never did I see this coming - the privilege of working with my oldest daughter. When she called two years back and said, in essence, "Mom, I'm ready," I wasn't sure for what. For years I had been trying to rally specific folks to do what she was proposing but I never thought it would be with her. That day on the phone began our new relationship, we became colleagues. We needed a new one anyway. Tonight, as she and I worked tandem giving another Wider School presentation, I thanked God for the millionth time for the opportunity of working with her.

Robyn at age four asked me a series of questions for which she did not like the answers.  The first question was, "Did your mom talk about homeschooling?" The second question was, "Did your mom ever want to homeschool you?" The third question came on the heels of my negatory responses, "Then why do you want to homeschool me?" My answer to that question was, "I don't." Almost the next day she was signed up for the  kindergarten class at the local private school. Everybody who had loaded on board the homeschooling ship curiously watched me get off the ship. Trust me, they would have walked down the plank as well with this four year old lawyer in tow.

However, the next year I did bring her home and, along with Carol Hoke, part-time homeschooled. It was not real pleasant. She would sit and stare me down with eyes that communicated disbelief in that I had anything worthwhile to share. Fast forward to today, she brags about me. Who knew?

We meet, we decide,we execute, Robyn/Lynne style. We get things done! We both are direct, we get to the bottom line and, though we are emotional, nothing gets in the way of progress. I love working with her. Our angst has now turned into joy.

Tonight, together, we spoke with two families considering joining The Wider Family. We love what we do and want to grow this school. To have my daughter working side by side is more than I can handle. Though the sides of our desks are as different as night is day, we do not let that hinder our working relationship.  At least I don't, but then again, my side is the messy one!


  1. One of those families just happens to be good friends of ours, and you had their son sold as soon as you offered him tea. :-) I have already been in conversation with them tonight. You two are a might force, and I am so grateful for you both. <3

  2. As soon as they left I began to pray out loud with Robyn grunting in approval to all of my requests! That boy is a delight, you can see it in his eyes. Thank you Angel for sending them our way. You really do live up to your name!