Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 68 Why?

March 14, 2015
Day 68

Kathleen and I are sitting here on a Saturday night talking about the word why and how it has led us into trouble. When we ask why it comes from an insatiable curiosity and not from a point of challenge to the questionee. We have been called rebellious by those in authority. We propose it is due to their insecurity with our need to know why. Why? We wish we knew! Please, we don't have time for your insecurity, nor do you, we just simply want to know.

When we are questioned we admit that our insecurity flares up. Internally we have answered the question "Why am I upset?" when someone asks us why. Not only do we have an insatiable curiosity to know things, we also have an insatiable need to know ourselves. And so we ask ourselves why all the time. And that's ok.

(Kathleen Stoltzfus and Lynne Burkholder:blurry photo does not take away from the charm of the friendship)

Kathleen and I have known each other since 1985. When I called her at 6 pm and asked her to spontaneously hop in her car from Holtwood, I knew she would be game! She might be the only one I know as spontaneous as I am. I even knew the fog would not hinder her answer. This is a treasured relationship.

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