Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 59 Thank You Social Media for the Connections

March 5, 2015
Day 59
(post might remind you of Day 28 -if you are paying attention)

Social Media has ushered me into your front door and allowed me to watch you and your family do many things.  And no, I am not stalking you. The posting of your pictures and videos bless me as they turn the door knob to welcome me in. This is heaven on earth, I am one curious gal and this satisfies my need to know. Some might call me nosey, but, whatevs!

Pre-children, I loved visiting. Post-children, the visiting squealed to a halt. The humiliation that follows you into a home with children in tow was more than I could handle. And I'm pretty chill, but not that chill. So, my visiting happened in my home. However, you can only have so many people over at a time.  Now, to visit on the internet is living in a college dorm with everyone on the same hall.

Thank you for posting pictures of your family, events, projects, and your vacations.  I especially love the videos. They have made me smile and warmed my heart. I have enjoyed watching your family grow. I am as proud as you are of their amazing accomplishments. Maybe this is why Christmas cards are difficult to send anymore. We are keeping each other current.

There are so many events I would have never even heard about, not because you didn't want to tell me but because our time together is limited. I loved watching your child's engagement, so creative. I have loved seeing the weddings, the surprise visits caught on video, the silly happenings that might have been private but you allowed me in. Thank you. I am full and overflowing with wonderful people in my life living rich and fulfilling lives. Keep in mind I am not talking money.

Your grandchildren ARE adorable and I appreciate the way you interact with them.   I liked watching your children graduate, receive military awards, or just a kindergarten certificate.  Your house projects are fun to watch, your gardens are productive and your vacations have been a blast! I also am delighted to watch you explore new ways of expressing yourself. Thank you for posting your art work, your photography, your sculpting, your work of art in the kitchen (better than an ad to get me to food binge) and even that old car you are refurbishing.

Thank you for looking me up and reconnecting. I loved going back to your page after we talked and wandering through your life. I think we have probably accomplished more on facebook than we would have at the high school reunion I never attend.

I delight in all of this social media. It speaks of creativity, ingenuity, and most importantly connections. Technology will never supersede what we humans love to do best - connect! For in the end, with all the technology available, it is all about being together, being human. You did see my grandson, Theo, right?    I know, I know!  I think so too!



  1. miss you but love social media too cause I can still connect.

    1. I know! I could cry thinking of you not living in this fact, I'm tearing up now. screen is blurring!