Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 65 My Unrest is a Result of My Rest

March 12, 2015
Day 65

We think of unrest and it makes us restless and uneasy. We are ill at ease and we try to make ourselves comfortable. We are uneasy and we strive for a sense of control. Much of our motivation for further education, another certificate, a job promotion is fueled by our need to control circumstances and outcomes. We look for solutions, for remedies, for answers or for understanding. The slush fund, retirement fund, yearly vacations, renovations, college fund, savings, stocks etc. are all ways in which we try to achieve a sense of rest in the here and now. We assume our goal is to iron out our unrest. Furthermore, we try to anticipate the unrest. We purchase insurance for our health, our teeth, our eyes, our household objects in case something goes out of whack. We are companions with our unrest, we use our unrest to get to a new level of unrest. The world fuels our unrest, our economy rides on our unrest and adores our unrest.

As a believer my restlessness is all because of the rest I enjoy. There is nothing I need to achieve for a "so that." I am allowed to rest because everything has been done, accomplished, fulfilled and achieved for me.  I am restless while at Rest.

My unrest is indicative of where my heart lies. The racing, achieving, king of the mountain pursuing, jars with my inner peace. I am at Rest because someone finished all my work and allows me to enjoy life. My unrest with the world's ways and means is a true result of My Rest.

My Rest is Jesus. His kingdom is to come and His kingdom is now, therein lies the tension. But the tension is because the Rest is so Good!

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