Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 235 Kauffmans

Fr. Lt to Rt. starting in back Lynn, Cheryl, Sarah, Wanita, Beth, Judy, Christine, Rosita

August 30, 2015
Day 235

Uncle Masty, Me, Cheryl
I love the Kauffmans. Tonight we had an impromptu Family reunion in our backyard. Masty and Fianna Blank, Lynn's uncle and aunt, along with their wonderful daughters, Rosita and Christine were in the area for a Blank reunion. Lynn's uncle and Aunt, Titus and Barb, suggested a get together. For those of us in the area, we have been trying to be opportunist with our close proximity and do this more often. And, we were game for a bit of spontaneity! The Kauffmans are excellent with this.

Fr. Lt to Rt. Barb, Titus, Fianna, Elva, Judy
The night was lovely with the weather in complete obedience. My husband's mother was raised and born in Intercourse, PA. Her family is loving and accepting, an overflow of blessings. From 1986 till 2015, I have been fortunate to be with this family almost every two years at their reunions. These are heartwarming, encouraging, enlightening and times of remembrance for those who have passed over the border of life.

Pearl, Mandy, Geoff, Andrew, Owen, Jesse
Reunions often run their course with the younger generation not interested in keeping in touch. But the beauty of the Kauffmans' reunions is that just the opposite is occurring. The young bucks are relating and enjoying their time and tonight was no exception. All of us laughed, spoke of deep and abiding things and deepened our relationships. This is a perfect summer night at its best. Families matter!       


  1. Would love to have been there. Hopefully, another time.

    1. Just now saw this. Yes, we would have loved to have had you. I have a feeling we will see you soon.