Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thank You God 215 - 233

Wednesday, August 27, 2015
215. Thank you for the breath that I am breathing. ~Francesca Censurato (She ismoving to Ohio! What an amazing woman to our family. She is our very own intercessor and she to other families is the same.)
216. Thank you for the colors that my eyes see.  ~Francesca Censurato  (She suffers with a lack of poor eyesight)
217. Thank you for people like Lynne in my life. ~Francesca Censurato (This really feels like a brag moment....sorry....)
218. Thank you for the people that love me that let me love them. ~Francesca Censurato
219. Thank you for God. ~Francesca Censurato
220. Thank you for the fact that I realize how unthankful I actually am to God. ~Francesca Censurato
221. Thank you for Francescas Censurato. She is one of the most influential people in my life. ~ltb
222. Thank you for Francescas prayers for my son Christopher. Their love for each other started when he was a baby in her arms. ~ltb
223. Thank you for Francesca's amazing kindness to us as a family. ~ltb
224. Thank you for her zest for life and her ability and willingness to move to Ohio to be near people she adores and loves deeply. ~ltb
225. Thank you that she will be working for Twin Valley Coffee in Wellington, Ohio. She will be our first employee out of state. Woot, woot! ~ltb
226. Thank you for the robotics meeting and the energy in the room. Wow! ~ltb
227. Thank you for my time exercising this morning. May it be a discipline this year. ~ltb
228. Thank you for this gorgeous spot in my yard where I can actually work and enjoy being outside. Please keep the bird poop away! ~ltb
229. Thank you for the cool air. ~ltb
230. Thank you for the excitement of Wider. ~ltb
231. Thank you for my time with Brenda Lee. Thank you for how she knows how to meet needs. ~ltb
232. Thank you for new moments and new seasons. ~ltb
233. Thank you for wisdom in navigating the onslaught of attacks and reminding me what my identity is in. ~ltb

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