Thursday, August 27, 2015

Day 232 Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Nicole Suzanne uses words wisely....

August 27, 2015
Day 232

When we talk we use words. (I am the high commander of the obvious) We use them based on what we know their meaning is and we are attempting to match them to our thoughts. But my word choices often betray my thoughts. Have you ever seen the Wind Tunnel Money Machine? The goal is to grab as much money in the wind tunnel? Have a look - . This is me with words.  Is it any wonder then that I am amazed at what you think you heard me say and the complete disconnect of what I really meant? So often, in fact, 99 percent of the time, it is my fault and not yours. I am a sloppy speaker and unfortunately it is a result of sloppy thinking. I might have just grabbed the word that was closest yet not the word that was the most fitting. To move in a direction of clarity is a real need, complete intentionality is so important. And so this is my pursuit. But it is hard work.

Have you ever listened to one of Nicole's dreams?
I have endeavored to increase my vocabulary ever since my early 20's. Many times I would have a dictionary in hand, especially, while reading Russian novels. (just go ahead and ask me what they's really not that impressive) This was only helpful if I used the word that I had just learned. But oft it did not go so well. The word was apt and fitting but not for the moment. The recipient would look at me like I was wearing over-sized shoulder pads with big puffy hair, just a tad out of place.

I am also trying to think before I speak. But, I should just give up on this one, it's boring. It means taking time. Speed in thought, speed in action, speed in deed (we are not necessarily talking "good" deed) often is my priority. But, this speed drives me quickly to the wrong place, wrong word, and wrong thought. I am on your left, in a huff, passing you to reach the stop light faster. Therefore, I do have many accidents.

She is something
I love words. To sit and look at a dictionary with a cup of tea on a rainy day, well, what more could one ask for. Look at her, you murmur, in sarcasm, she should have the right word for every moment. True that. But have you been to my house on a rainy day lately? Just peek in and look at me. You'll probably catch me slouching and drooling with my mouth wide open.

She is a good listener.
To choose the correct word choice for the current thought is difficult. I see words swimming all around me in a deep lake full of choices. I want to be the best fisherwoman.The problem is, I hate fishing.

But I will remain in pursuit of clarity and continue to at least "think" of working on expanding my vocabulary, my word choice and slowing down. Until then, I am begging God for grace, cause baby, it's not looking good.

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