Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 103: April 12, 2016 Border Crossing

April 12, 2016   Border Crossing
Day 103

There is much that is required. The little bit that he knows shuts him down in depression. There is much to do to cross the border, but he has not begun. The sirens should fuel urgency, they do not. The damage he's caused costs him thousands, maybe millions. He has yet to find work to pay his way out of the rockless pit. Does he really understand what he has to earn? I am beginning to wonder.

Television sounds emanate from his room, blue light leaks between the cracks. He should be utilizing his time. Does he even feel the guilt for all his wrongs, is he  aware of how many he has hurt? When will he begin to earn his way out? Effortlessly, he slides into the slime but it is going to take so much effort to get out. Why would anyone want to help him? How is someone going to help him?

His terrorized look moves people away. He is not right and he is reckless. All that needs to be fixed will take him forever. His debt is astronomical. He sits there with his back turned, he will not ask for help. The sirens blare, the threat moves closer. He looks over his shoulder with haunted eyes. He is troubled. If he would just make moves to prepare, get ready, maybe someone would help.

The shrill and finality of the siren screams into the stagnate air pulling people to tension, all hearts painfully race. No one can afford the cost of the border crossing. No man can earn their way. I begin to realize this man is not alone. It is shared inertia with the entire town mired by the impossibility of climbing out of debt. One by one I see all eyes are haunted.

They all sit with backs turned. No one makes a move to earn their way out and across the border. They know they have to, but they do nothing. Some are trying and their attempts are laughable and embarrassing compared to what they owe. This group disgusts me! Danger is at their door and unless they do something there is no hope of crossing the border, it will be nonnegotiable.

There is only one border and the way is treacherous, dangerous and miles from where they are. It takes arduous, calculated and skilled work to make this trek to freedom. It overwhelms the depressed town, inertia is in full force. It is all too much.

There is more. The guard. He is impossible to please with his high demand of justice. Even if they could manage to earn the cost, there is no hope of pleasing the guard. They are in debt and they have no hope. The guard demands their life. So they sit haunted, hunted, anchored in sludge. There is no hope.

A man comes out of nowhere, no one has heard of his town.  He says he can help. I watch him offer everything to the sickened group, everything. He brings them to a river and asks them to climb on his back. What????!!!!! This man is delusional, he overestimates himself. Forget this rescue, no way is it going to happen. I thought he had more to offer than this.

He looks at me and asks me to climb on his back??????? WAIT! WHAT????? !!!! I do not need rescue. I have enough money to pay my debt. I can cross the border and I know the guard. I have put hours into studying the path and I have what it takes. I can swim across this river, it looks calm. I peer into the water, haunted eyes stare back. Who is looking over my shoulders. No one!

The sirens blare, smoke from the west is heading this way, it is imminent, we need to cross the border. The man who offers rescue is shot and killed, we watch his body removed while the murderers laugh at his audacious claims.  Little did they know his death would be our rescue. This was not the end. He would come back to life.

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