Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 107: April 16, 2016 Plans and Purpose

April 16, 2016       Plans and Purpose
Day 107

Today, it was set and determined. I was going to clean, Lynn was going to do Gazebo. Day scheduled. Done deal-e-o. Then Sarah calls. "Lynne, are you going to Petra? I can pick you up." No, I am cleaning. The play is in a week, exactly, and I have a list out the whazoo.  I can not take the prophetic gifting class, no way. "C'mon, Lynne, let me pick you up." I can't go.

Recalibrating. She picks up me and my son, Chris, who has been planning on going and away we ride, to Petra. I find myself engaging in the class as if I had been anticipating it for weeks, not at all like a woman doggy paddling in details up to her eyeballs. I marvel at the gifted teacher, Kara Graver Sensenig. She explains the gift of prophecy as if it is as natural as breathing. The muddied waters are clearing for me and the fresh spring water invites me to drink and drink and drink. Thank you Sarah for the reminder call. I am a knuckle head.

Upon our arrival home, Chris and I make lunch, we are starved, we had left in a rush. We decide to eat outside and Kathryn and Lynn join. Soon, Noelle, a new business member of our community joins us and we fellowship. Noelle and her husband have a chiropractic business in Darby Square, Robyn, our daughter, benefits already from their practice. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Kathryn and I meet Katie Schwartz at the storage unit and finish some last minute painting on the set for next Saturday's, Little Women. These two women should be professional painters. After we finish we catch Jesse's baseball game but only after we pick up Theo and Sadie. Theo is always game to go and Sadie is just pure joy.

Today, it was set and determined. I was going to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Many are the plans of a man's heart but the purpose of the Lord prevails. (this is found somewhere in Proverbs) I will clean another day. Done Deal - e - o.


  1. Normal Christianity! Well done.... <3

    1. Rusty, you are needed! This calls for another meal! :)

  2. Replies
    1. naybe next time...I have a standing date with lovely ladies at my house every Saturday ...

    2. Yes, you do and what a wonderful time that is in your home! God is good, Dale, God is good. Thank you for being a willing vertebrae!