Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 110: April 19, 2016 Stand in Rest

April 19, 2016      Stand in Rest
Day 110

We love to work. We love to create. We love to plan. We love to strategize. We love to plot. We love to organize. But most importantly, we love to know that "we did it." However, followers of Jesus are called to rest and watch God plan, create, plot and organize His body. This is the rub of christianity, we want recognition and there is no reflection on our awesomeness of birds-eyeing it and plotting our way but rather a definite call to God's amazingness.

Our pride is pricked but our spirit soars when we have to give God glory. But the more we give God the glory the more he allows us to be used in His amazing strategic plans, plots and purposes. The more we are involved in God's purposes the more we rest in a deep understanding of all that God does.

Resting in God's kingdom has nothing to do with laziness but rather standing. We are allowed to stand in confidence, in assurance, in willingness, in readiness and in faith. This is our rest, our work, to stand.

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