Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 105: April 14, 2016 Saige

April 14, 2016
Day 105

Many folks wondered, where did we find the director for this year's play? If you can follow the trail of connections, people, places, car rides and circumstances it all leads to Saige Hassler. It was destiny. We were in need, our director, Megan Pupek, was going to have a baby and we understood, family comes first and God always supplies.

Last summer Saige, Christa, Erin and myself found ourselves together in a car, on a summer's night, trying to find our way to a women's meeting somewhere east of Valley Forge. We were lost, our conversation was rich and random and we had to stop talking just to find our way. On our return home Saige and Christa were in the backseat washed in darkness. This did not hinder my questioning and it was then I discovered Saige was an actor. This intrigued me. By this time I knew Megan was having a baby and so I asked, "Saige, if ever we were in need of a director, would you be interested?" "Maybe" was her response with a rise in her tone. With my hands on the wheel my mind was spinning. To connect is my heart's content, I felt something stirring,  magic was filling the air.

Play forward and the magic has exploded into a million stars of wonder. The play of choice this year is "The Little Women" and it is charming, sad, and dear. The students are learning so much and their time with Saige is enchanted. Though she feels challenged by the added responsibilities of Stage Director, she is enjoying it. Every year is kissed with wonder for the Community Homeschool Players and this year is no different with a Saige kiss.

Saige is butter to toasted bread, spreading smooth and going down well. We are grateful for God's provision. Saige Hassler has quite the acting credits - Have fun googling her name. But most importantly come and watch her recent adventures with Little Women  performed by Community Homeschool Players. You will not be disappointed.

Little Women will be performed by Community Homeschool Players on April 22 and 23 at 7 pm both nights and 2 pm for the Saturday matinee. Cost is $5 per person and donations are appreciated. Children 3 and under are free. 

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