Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 121: April 30, 2016 You are Never Alone

April 30, 2016      You Are Never Alone
Day 121

When the night is long and there seems to be no music, listen carefully, the melody will crescendo.

When the day is short and the answer did not come, remember, He is the answer.

When he or she did not call and you know what this means, do not forget how much you mean to Him.

When you are restless and there is no one around, He knocks and waits to dine with you.

When the spark left with your friends, know, He never leaves your side though you are prone to leave Him.

Your feelings can never push Him away.
He remains despite.

Your impressions can never change His view.
He loves you forever.

You are His child.

Song performed by Christopher Burkholder
Christopher Burkholder:

Kathryn Burkholder Productions:
- - - - - - - - - - -

Audio Produced by Christopher Burkholder 
Written and Arranged by Christopher Burkholder 
Engineered, Christopher Burkholder 
Video by Kathryn Burkholder Productions

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