Friday, April 22, 2016

Day 113: April 22, 2016 Show Time

April 22, 2016
Day 113

The stage is lit, the set arranged, the costumes created, the playbills printed, the makeup applied, the concessions purchased and the miscellaneous pieces are in order. I need to bring real flowers and do we have time to put up the plates? The crew has scheduled the props and the assisting of costume changes, while the cast is rehashing lines and emotions tweaking it to their character. I am in heaven.

Looking over the playbill designed by a student with her mother's assistance is more than I can ask for, finding the minor edits is all that is left. Watching two cast mom's affix the head shots to our display board warms my heart as we all collaborate with one goal in mind - THE PLAY. I love every single bit of this. 

What a privilege to be part of something magnificent from 2001 till 2016. I gain energy from everything about this process and it shows - I can not shut up! My dear friends who traveled this path with me in the early 2000's are now gone. All except those of us who kept having children, Pam and Bonnie and I. And we would do it again, we love our younger ones. Life does march faster than I prefer.

Years from now, when I am old and grey, the memories will be a feast on Sunday afternoons when no one is visiting. The glimpses of past relationships, bloopers, sets, props, and cast parties will warm and excite my heart. I will fondly remember I Remember Mama, Get Smart, Mr. Toad's Mad Adventures, Once in a Lifetime, Beverly Hillbillies, The Three Musketeers, You Can't Take it With You, The Importance of Being Earnest, just to name a few.

I treasure the first night of the play. All the pieces pull together and we still have two more times to perform. I love hearing the status of the ticket sales and concession stand. It all builds and we begin to look forward to the Cast and Crew party. This is satisfaction at best - pinch me!

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