Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 106: April 15, 2016 First World Privilege

April 15, 2016 First World Privilege

The little Fat Book I carry with me is filled with lines of action, things that, today, I must try to tick off the list. In no time would you see that my list represents First World privilege. I revel in these life affirming tasks I am allowed to be a part of and what it takes to accomplish the list. Sure there are times when they contain nail bitting items, but these indicate life and relationships and for this I am grateful.

There are many today whose list will not be fulfilled as tragedy strikes and wipes it clear. There are some who will forget their list as they rush out the door in an effort to escape terrorists. There are many who never need a list, for there is nothing ever for them to do. There will be some today who are changing their list as the dreaded call has come and they find themselves in a hospital room standing over their loved one with no assurance.

My "To Do" list is a First world privilege. It brims with hope.

April 15, 2016
~ask Katie S. can come to look at the set on stage.
~find curtains - storage unit?
~find fabric at Goodville Fabric
~purchase video clearance for play
~ask Becky S. about video operator
~purchase the sound of horses
~need to purchase the sound of a party
~know where the props go
~help stage crew organize clean up for stage after performance on Apr. 22
~send out sat. end performance clean up schedule Apr. 22
~go to father-in-laws to find chair and brown rug
~need different wine glasses
~get the wig from Sandi T.
~get crystal balls from Sandi T.
~Kathryn get door made
~should there be curtains between flats
~what should food for cast party be
~Should there be curtains between the flats
~Wrap up the ads
~Go to some places tomorrow
~Thank you cards
~make sure auditorium wall stays-tell Dave Cook

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