Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 117: April 26, 2016 Heart Listen

April 26, 2016      Heart Listen
Day 117

To understand each other takes heart listening and this goes beyond the functionality of hearing. I must watch your movements, note the rate at which you speak, watch your eyes. Is there a sparkle or is there a sadness to them? What is your body position saying?

I must recognize that your statements might be questions and your questions might be statements. Sometimes your brief answer tells me more than the few words you used. Sometimes your long answer gives me just air with letters.

Before you begin to speak the silence fills paragraphs. Sometimes your silence is loud. Sometimes your loudness is silence. The words you say delete other words you used the day before. I holistically must pay attention as I heart listen. It is always worth the work. I do want to heart you.

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