Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 120: April 29, 2016 Secret Church

April 29, 2016    Secret Church
Day 120

I am in the midst of watching my first Secret Church Simulcast given by David Platt. It is 11:27 pm and it is a break. This man talks like he is being hounded and hunted with little to no time to do anything but speak of the immediate need for the advancement of the gospel. David Platt is being exactly who God created Him to be, a man on a mission to spread the gospel and to kick the rest of us in the butt to do the same. David can not get through a paragraph without tearing. He is either overwhelmed by the sadness of those lost or touched by God's goodness and love. He is fully persuaded. I spent about fifty dollars to watch this. This money was well spent!

The video I have included is not the message I am currently listening to but it is a taste of David Platt's style and passion. We were told tonight that he had no caffeine in his system. He doesn't need it the Holy Spirit has it covered! Tonight we listened to him speak about....well, you know what....maybe you should just go to and check out what the topic was.

This is the first time I have head about the Secret Church. God is indeed mobilizing a nation. Are you part of it? Do you want to be?

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