Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 109: April 18, 2016 Who Sees?

April 18, 2016       Who sees?
Day 109

She is afraid and who will ever believe her. In public it looks normal. Behind closed doors it is the edge of a terrifying cliff. Her constant fear, obsession, is that he will someday push her over and her little ones will know no mother. To many they would never suspect he is capable of such harm. But to her she knows only harm, it is a constant threat. He has never touched her, his words though have impaled her heart.

Who will believe her? She is the quiet one while he is full of charm and wit. The turn on a dime dizzies her mind, how does he do it? The hand raises he smiles, the hand drops he frowns, quick up, quick down, smile, frown. She is a turtle with emotions and a hare with denial. Why has she allowed this? Maybe because no one will believe her.

He twists and turns with lightening speed bolting shards of hurt with every boom of anger. This has been going on ever since the door slammed shut shielding the community from truth but exposing her to his reality of a very dark force. She is stuck and her mind spins mud.  No one will believe her.

Is this you, dear one? He hears, He sees, He knows, He waits. Call on the name of Jesus. Turn to Him. Ask Him the tough questions and expect the answers. Fall into His arms of extreme and painful love. Listen to His voice and do what He says, what He says, not what they say. I hear Him calling your name!

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