Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 98: April 7, 2016 Drama Lives Strong

April 7, 2016   Drama Lives Strong
Day 98

The years past and present are full of drama memories which, no doubt, will continue to fill and nourish me for years to come. I relish these memories, these faces of young folks in my life and in my heart. The backstage, the curtains, the pulleys, the set, the painting, the props, the scene changes, the sound system, the lights, the directors, the actors, the playbill, the bios, the selling of ads, the dogged ear scripts, the crew, the audience and finally the performance - all swirl and twirl as they construct new universes year after year. I stand in awe for I am in the middle of magic and this year proves no different. One of the director's, Jana Willis, likened dramas to the Body of Christ. I love this beautiful, apt analogy. I revel and love swimming in all the theater details.

Never did I muster the courage to try out for any high school play but I wanted theater for my homeschooled children and so whatever I needed to do, I did, to make sure it was going to happen. My children are brave and every single one of them have graced the stage.

Two years ago Jesse's confidence in me was bluntly confessed.
Me -"Jesse, no, you can not do lights, your turn will come."
Jesse -"No it will not. Look at you."
Me - "What in the world do you mean by that?"
Jesse- "Mom, you are fifty, you are going to be tired by the time it is my turn."
Oh, Game on Boy, Game on! You fan that flame, bro!!

The fun part, for I am wired to love issues to solve, is that every year drama is added to the drama and every year we watch the issues solved. It is fun to watch Him work wonders. I thank him that in light of the world's very big and tragic problems He still has time to answer prayers for set pieces, weather and health issues, and on and on it goes. The answered prayer list is a testament to God's coverage of all things small and wonderful. It all matters to Him because it all matters to me. He loves his children!

Little Women gracing the Twin Valley Middle Stage April 22, and 23. 7 pm both evenings and 2 am Sat. matinee. $5 tickets. Mary Lauer is Meg, Nicole Burkholder is Jo, Abby Snider is Amy, Hayley Hopkins is Marmee, Brenna Ezard is Beth,  Aiden Stratton is Laurie, Madison Barnett is John.  Oh, please come and support local drama by local homeschoolers.

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