Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 92: April 1, 2016 I Wonder

April 1, 2016    I Wonder
Day 92

I wonder. I wonder why Jesus asks us what it is we want for Him to do instead of just doing what He sees is needed? I wonder why He works when we ask Him? Why would He stand outside the door and knock and not just come in? Why would He look for us when He clearly knows where we are? Why does He allow humans to assist Him?
Why does He put it in our plates to be the ones to signal for help?

Why does Jesus let us process? Why does He let us plan? Why does He want to hear our prayers? If this is how Jesus is in my life why do I want control of others? If He can let me be and allows me to make my own decisions, what purpose do I serve in other's lives by making decisions for them? How much harm have I brought by using methods that God never uses? I wonder.


  1. Your question makes me think of the account in Luke 18 of the blind beggar… Jesus asked him what do you want me to do for you? Seems kind of obvious doesn't it? Not really, the man was asking for money but Jesus gave him the opportunity to stretch his faith for something even bigger.

    1. The opportunity.......Jesus puts a lot in our laps. It is like He allows our brains to work and stretch - He assumes intelligence....