Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day 111: April 20, 2016 Drama Journey is Key

April 20, 2016    Drama Journey is Key
Day 111

The relationships make a drama worth the details, the lugging, the conspiring, the sweating, the sewing, the scheduling, everything. 

The alumni bless us with their help. They were bit by the bug and they come back and help us with details. Thank you Katie!

Geoffrey, an alumnus is key this year. There is something about his presence that calms. 
He is a great assistant.

Megan, had dear Molly. We miss her and God saw fit to allow us to continue with Saige, our director this year. What a blessing! I would love to see these two work together, a girl can dream.

The cast and crew are extraordinary. To watch them learn to know one another is pure joy for me!

The students learn not only drama techniques but job training. Drama always allows cast and crew to gain insights into their intra and interpersonal skills and interactions.

The technical experience will aid this young gentleman. Who knows where he will end up? But for now, in an encouraging environment, he is doing sound. It is all about on the job training.

These two young men are all about the lights. Their buttons are not only moving up and down but using all shades of light in the school auditorium.

The cast is full of sweet women.

"If you want to be cool, be Saige." Quote of the year by Jesse Burkholder. Need I say more?

Deeper relationships are not just the fruit of the play but the reason for it!
This is my understanding and estimation of all things important.

Fun is also a great consequence of coming together for a coordinated effort.

Learning to be directed is a needed element in all of our psyches.

This year we find a changing of the guard. Families who have been part of the Community Homeschool Players since 2001 are almost gone. Those of us who still had children in our 40's are still in the thick of it. 

Learning to know Saige was a privilege to all this year.

Little Women  is being performed by the Community Homeschool Players in the Twin Valley Middle School auditorium on April 22 at 7 pam and April 23 at 2 pm and 7 pm. Tickets are $5 and donations are greatly appreciated! 

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