Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 93: April 2, 2016

April 2, 2016
Day 93

Today I asked Jesus, "What is it you want me to remember?"

He answered in a whoosh, "Trust me completely, fully, wholeheartedly, lovingly, confidently, simply, peacefully, purposefully, knowingly, selfishly, joyfully, intentionally, excitedly, and expectantly."

"For I am able to pull you, catch you, carry you, help you, fill you, meet you, see you, know you, care for you, take you, lead you, teach you, train you, propel you, and move you."

"You are a joy, a beauty, a wonder, a work of art, intricate, charming, precious, lovely, creative, bright, capable of so much, full of amazing abilities."

"I have given you all things, my wisdom, my wealth, my riches, my wonder, my righteousness, my everything, my love, my discernment, my good and useful gifts, my joy, my confidence, my comfort, my calm, my peace, my strength, my creativity, my image, my precious Son, my Spirit."

"So, will you trust me, love me, worship me, serve me, obey me, listen to me, seek me, know me, desire me, yearn for me, pant for me, praise me, talk to me, dine with me, love my creation, love my people, be still with me?"

"For I will lift you up, set your feet on solid ground, guide and direct you, set you free, lead you into freedom, be with you always, teach you, and continue to give you gifts."

"Will you trust me?"

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