Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 104: April 13, 2016 Perfection or Christ

April 13, 2016     Perfection or Christ
Day 104

The need for perfection forcefully pulls. It demands extreme. You can not look to the left or to the right, you must FOCUS. The goal matters. The result is all important and the process requires consummate dedication. The cost of perfection, whether it be time, place, or people, does not matter, you simply must pay it and pay it all.

Perfection has eyes only for excellent results. It has no time for the unsuitable. For the imperfect there is no room, no vision. Flawed means less than and less than is disregarded. Perfection marches on and over all that is in the way.

We kingdom dwellers must distinguish between the need for perfection and the call of Christ. The difference is life or death. Perfection draws us into a tight room, no windows, no exit, and no air. Christ, the perfect one, calls us to the waves, the breakers, the full on depths. He calls us to the mess.

I am weary and exhausted by perfection's pace He is calling me to himself. In the stern of a boat He sleeps while the wind and waves howl and roll. I too will rest in the storm. I must follow Him.

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