Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 97: April 6, 2016 Infant in Harm's Way

April 6, 2016   Infant in Harm's Way
Day 97

The extreme vulnerability of an infant with no well defined or well trained voice to ask or request for their needs to be met is reality. The baby will only be fed if the mother or caretaker feeds it. The baby will only be changed if someone changes the child. If the baby is cold someone has to make the child warm otherwise it will remain cold with no means to warm. This infant is dependent on every human in its small radius for all of their pressing needs to be understood and lovingly answered. If a human does not see, hear, feel or understand the needs of this baby, the baby's needs go unmet. The vulnerability of a child is desperate and extreme. You add evil to the mix and vulnerability is in harm's way.

One day, the Trinity moved into harm's way. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in existence before time began, danced beautifully as they created mesmerizing sounds of the most beautiful chords and notes ever heard, ways and means organizing complicated systems never thought of, intricate cosmic explosions orchestrating detail beyond understanding. This beautiful fellowship creating all things through the Son chose to become vulnerable and moved into harm's way.

Nurseries are designed, constructed, and painted for the expectant mother to sit and dream, ponder and wonder as she waits for her expectant one, her child. Come, child come. And yet the young mother holding within her the Savior of the world was confused, excited, misunderstood, shunned, and had no means to prepare a material environment for the infant she was to birth - her Creator.

The Trinity chose to lay down in the form of a vulnerable infant. This seems like a desperate kind of love, a pride-less love willing to go low, too low. This kind of love makes you uncomfortable. "Please get up, do you not know how this looks???!!!! YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME! Take pride in yourself, for my sake!!" 

The Creator housed in the created? A baby? Powerless? Incapable of movement? How could Jesus help us in infant form? Why was this necessary? It makes me feel uncomfortable. 

Who could ever imagine the Creator defining love vulnerably as birth in His created? Who could ever imagine the Creator defining love vulnerably as death by His created? One day, the Trinity moved into harm's way to move us out of harm's way.

The Trinity, so lovingly
becomes a babe
for you
for me.
The pride laid low
and non existent
reaches down
and becomes
an infant.