Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 96: April 5, 2016 Happy Birthday to the Man

April 5, 2016     Happy Birthday to the Man
Day 96

Happy Birthday, you exceptional man, Lynn Burkholder. I am the lucky woman to not only know you but to be your wife and mother of your amazing children.

As you journey forward into fresh new and exciting days, may the Twin Valley Coffee grind become richer, full of deep nuances, more full bodied, roasted to perfection. May the flavor of your brew seep into ever nook and cranny until it lures the state of Pennsylvania to Twin Valley Coffee's door. May Excellence beyond the cup, for every sip of Twin Valley Coffee and cold brew, become more and more the truer state of affairs as you continue to roast and and develop the coffee drinks. May you find yourself in more places that desire more of what you offer. May you continue to crave more and more knowledge and understanding of the craft. May your curiosity open doors that would have been left shut. As you learn more about the roast may you ignite a passion for coffee that is new, fresh, full and overflowing full of a deep rich taste.

May the state of Pennsylvania know Twin Valley Coffee and crave Twin Valley Coffee beyond what any Starbucks lover would ever know to crave.

You are creative. The hours of reading in a small home in the wilds of Northern Ontario in a First Native Community, filled your mind with good and wonderful things. The freedom you had to tinker, to sell, to ponder, to create, to dream was as big as the land dotted with birch and evergreen and miles and miles of lakes. You are blessed with curiosity that has brought you to many a door in quest of just "one more thing." You do not stop and for that I am so grateful. You create, you create some more, and then you do more creating.

You do not fill the space with empty words but with a solid sense of what is what and what is not. I love what you believe to be true. I love your silent understanding of justice, your view of the women in your life and how you honor them. You side with what is right and true and you have no need to hammer your point. Thank you for all you have taught me. Thank you! I received more than I could have ever wanted in August of 1986, I received a trainer, a teacher, a spiritual director, a nurse, a wonderful better half.

Lynn, may your days be filled with more wonder, more purpose, more understanding, more freedom, more health to the depths of your soul beyond your muscle strength. Thank you for focusing on your family. May your finances line up with sense, with strength, with generosity and may they bless as God desires for them to bless. Thank you that your children know you and love you. Thank you for listening to your sons and daughters. Thank you for fathering many more sons and daughters who call you Dad.

I love you, Lynn, and am honored to be journeying with someone so noble as you. To be on a deserted island with you would be a fearless endeavor. May you and I experience more of each other than less. May you and I enjoy more of each other than less. May you and I serve our Father with more love than less. And may the past, present and future success of Twin Valley Coffee be understood as a gift of God beyond our wildest imaginations or abilities.

May you run freely as you share your love of coffee with the individual on the street who had no idea it could taste so good. And may all the coffee drinkers of Pennsylvania desiring a excellent cup of coffee find you!

Excellence Beyond the Cup - Go Twin Valley Coffee! Run, Lynn Burkholder, with extreme freedom, passion, eagerness and dogged pursuit of all things good and wonderful. Happy Birthday to you.


  1. A wonderful toast to a woman derail man.

    1. in the process of decoding your message, Dale. :)

  2. Thank you!! I love the adventure of life with you.