Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 94: April 3, 2016 Who?

April 3, 2016  Who?
Day 94

What keeps us in fear? Who keeps us from wanting more? Who keeps us from sharing our gifts with others? Who keeps us from desiring the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Who keep us from wanting to use our gifts? How has our mind, scrambling to figure it out and understand completely, stunted the growth of the Body of Christ? How has our need to rationalize kept us from seeing fruit in our lives and others? Who keeps us in a tentative state? Who keeps us hesitant to explore spiritual gifts? Who keeps us from following that "voice?" Who has missed out because we have pulled out? Who keeps us so protective of our space? Who keeps us from yearning? Who keeps us from asking for more?

Yeah, I know.
It's pretty obvious,  not God. 

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