Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 119: April 28, 2016 Wider Continues to Widen

April 28, 2016  
Day 119                                         

Wider's DNA is learning on the outside while creating sparks in the inside. The Wider School is growing as the vision continues to widen and expand. We are not conventional and never will be for our goal is to create critical thinkers who step aside the mainstream and passionately innovate. Wider is making a difference and we have proof in the pudding. The students who have gone on to other endeavors are succeeding. This is our guarantee, to leave ignited.

Wider encourages curiosity. We see questions as fuel, Wider never experiences fuel shortages. Many educators hate questions. You know why? Lack of control. But our teachers love for their students to have the control. For we are seeking learning and that soars past memorization.

Everything we need for our students is right under our nose. The community offers more than we will ever be able to use and Wider loves making those connections. B&H Organic Produce is one of those connections to day. We work for and learn from Erica at B&H.  It is a symbiotic relationship. Wider is about learning on the outside while creating sparks in the inside.

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  1. Wider has been an amazing gift to our son. Love all that is and provides for homeschooling families.It does "ignite" and provide great foundation for what ever direction the kids go .